is closing forever
March 31st!

Don't panic

It's no April Fools joke — Tictail is shutting down completely April 1st.

At Stampr, we've been working hard to build the largest free ecommerce platform and don't think it's right that Tictail users are being forced to buy a subscription.

So we've built a way for you to move your Tictail store and continue running it for free! 🎉

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Free now. Free always

Import your Tictail store

Upload your Tictail store to a free Stampr account. It's easy!

1. Download your data from Tictail

Log into your Tictail account and export your data to CSV.
Help: How to create export

2. Upload your data to Stampr

After logging in, create a new store and select the "Migrate Tictail" option.

3. Done 🍸

That's it! Your data will be imported and you can start receiving orders immediately.

It's coming...

A new marketplace is coming!

Shop and discover emerging brands from all around the world.

Completely free to brands

No listing fees. No extra fees when you make a sale. No subscription or credit card required.

Want your products sold?

Access to brands is currently by invite only.

Launching April 1st!

Open and ready for business with over 50,000 products from great independent brands!

Create a free account!

No subscription or credit card required.